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To create innovative products of excellent quality it is essential to have professionalism, cutting edge technology and appropriate inspiration. Tolnatej company possesses all these components of success; to meet customers’ expectations is more than a task, rather, it is a mission.
– Fresh products: milk, cacao milk , cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream
– Butter és buttery products
– Dessert: Tolle Roll
– Semi-hard cheese: Trappista, Trappista light, smoked Trappista, Edam, Óvari, Gouda, Tolnai, Csemege, Parenica
– Processed products: triangle -shaped products in round boxes, cheese spreads
– Powered products: powdered milk, whey powder
Quality assurance has always been a key issue of management policy in the long history of the company. To support and maintain the objectives the following guidelines have been introduced
– ISO 9002 quality management system
– HACCP system
– ISO 9001 quality management system
– IFS (International Food Standard) quality management system to assure and control the production line from the inset of the row material to the outset in compliance with the respective production, sanitary, food hygienic and safity regulations.

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