Our marketing strategy is associated with the introduction of the new Tolle brand and image back in 2001-2002. Tolle, the new brand name thematized the marketing profile for a long time. The message of the new image-creation campaign is the following:

– Tolle is an up-to-date, innovative brand

– It supports family-related values

– It is positively associated with “quality” and “reliability”

The introduction of the equalized sliced cheese into the market has proved to be an ongoing success in the field of innovation. The equalized chopped Tolle cheese came out later with a similar concept, followed by traditional Tolle semi-hard cheese assortment of smoked-taste trappist cheese products in various packaging.

ESL milk and cacao milk products were a rarity in the market the introduction of which is associated with the name of Tolnatej company.

To enlarge the consumer group Tolle Light products were launched with the undisguised objective of increasing sales. The result exceeded the hope.

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